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Traveler | Photographer | Writer

Silviu-Florin Salomia

Based in Romania / Available Anywhere!


Small moments and deep emotions intertwine with a million other details to create the story of love, repeated infinitely with each couple that says “I do“. As a wedding photographer, I try to tell this passing story for all eternity. During a wedding, most of the time I like to be an invisible witness and let moments happen naturally, but nevertheless, I am not afraid to step in and create the atmosphere for things to come alive beautifully.

Wedding Photographer in Romania


Dazzled by the sheer raw beauty of the Earth and its amazing inhabitants, I love to wander and fill my eyes and soul with beautiful places and people. While travel photography is just a longtime passion, I try to improve my skills and broaden my vision each chance I get. Almost as much as photographing places, I also like to write about my travel experiences, sharing the wonderful experiences that inspire me along the way…

Travel and landscape photographer in Romania