The Most Beautiful Waterfall in Romania

I don’t really like superlatives and rankings, but the charming Bigar Waterfall must be the most beautiful waterfall in Romania. This enchanted place was brought in the highlight several years ago, when it was voted by a website as the most unique waterfall in the world. Biased or not, this was the starting moment on the road to becoming one of the top travel destinations in Romania. While it might not be the highest, largest or most spectacular, it does hold a special magical charm, with its moss covered rocks and silky veils of water flowing into the river below. The way water wraps around the mossy round rocks is also its most striking feature, its appearance changing with each season and the water flow. In fact, the spring is only a few hundred meters further, appearing from under the mountain and creating several smaller falls along the way.

I visited the most beautiful waterfall in Romania a few years back, but sadly did not have the knowledge or the tools to get any reasonable photos. So I decided to return and have a new try at photographing the Bigar Waterfall in spring. It is a three hour drive so it was almost noon when I arrived at the falls, definitely not the best moment to photograph it. Nevertheless, you can still get a sense of how beautiful this place really is, a superb corner of nature deep in the rural part of Romania. One can find the most beautiful waterfall in Romania in the county of Caras-Severin, in the southwestern part of Romania. It is part of the spectacular Nerei Gorges – Beusnita National Park, along the river Minis, about 10 km away from the small town of Bozovici. There are other beautiful destinations to be discovered nearby, natural wonders and authentic villages.


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