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My stories and thoughts...

Travel / Photography / Weddings

These are my stories and experiences, things I love and things I wish to do… I love to write although I’m not always inspired. Among the things I am most passionate about, you will find here travel experiences, photography projects and wedding stories.

Indian-Romanian Wedding Photography in Targu Jiu
Wedding Stories

Indian-Romanian Wedding Photography

Anca & Ajay Indian-Romanian Wedding in Targu Jiu The 2019 wedding season has begun, our 8th year since we are doing the same thing, photographing beautiful love stories. We do wedding photography in Targu Jiu for so long that we thought nothing else can surprise us and we have already seen everything. But when we […]

The most beautiful waterfall in Romania
Photography Inspiration, Travel Destinations

The Most Beautiful Waterfall in Romania

I don’t really like superlatives and rankings, but the charming Bigar Waterfall must be the most beautiful waterfall in Romania. This enchanted place was brought in the highlight several years ago, when it was voted by a website as the most unique waterfall in the world. Biased or not, this was the starting moment on […]

Trip to Naples - Naples Travel Impressions
Photography Inspiration, Travel Destinations

Trip to Naples – Unscripted Love Letter

Have you ever felt drawn to a place without knowing how and why?… It’s probably that call that travelers feel sometimes to something completely unexpected and somewhat unknown. Of course, Naples is not the farthest or the most unusual travel destination in the world, but still counts as something different. Despite its somewhat questionable reputation […]

Trip to Capri - The Island of Dreams
Photography Inspiration, Travel Destinations

Trip to Capri – The Island of Dreams

Like a dream come alive from the imagination of the gods, a trip to Capri will unravel an unbelievable sight before your eyes. Famed for its serene and unique beauty, the island of Capri continues to capture the hearts and minds of traveler who arrive in search of atonement. As you approach the charming port […]

4 Days in Istanbul - Istanbul Travel Guide
Travel Destinations

4 Days in Istanbul – Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul is a unique and alluring city, a fascinating destination that I have always dreamed about! The metropolis spread over two continents, eternally caught between the Occident and the Orient, has always been enveloped in an aura of mystery and magic. Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of […]

Winter Photography Stories 2019
Photography Projects

Winter Photography Stories of 2019

These are my winter photography stories of 2019 – part of my trips and experiences along the first two months of this year! I don’t particularly like winter as a whole, but I do love to get out and explore. As most of the year is busy with events and editing, the first months of […]

Tismana Monastery Romania Photography
Photography Projects

Tismana Monastery

The Marvelous Tismana Monastery in Romania A place enveloped in a fascinating aura at the limit between spirituality and magic… Tismana Monastery evokes myths and legends that deeply resonate inside the traveler’s soul. Among tall pines and century old chestnut trees, above the crystal clear waters of Tismana river, the monastery is a true feast […]

Destination Wedding in Germany - Destination Wedding Photographer Romania
Travel Destinations

Destination Wedding in Germany

Cristina & Patrick International Wedding in Regensburg, Germany We’ve been waiting for a destination wedding in Germany for a long time, ever since we thought we are good enough to take on any challenge. This was our first wedding photography project outside Romania and you can imagine the excitement and joy we felt leaving for […]

Creative Wedding Photography in Romania - Silviu Salomia
Wedding Stories

Epic and Emotional Wedding in Romania

Luana & Cornel Emotional wedding in Targu Jiu, Romania Emotional weddings in Romania are pretty rare, at least the ones we usually attend. So we are blessed when we meet people that put more emphasis on being there rather than making it through the day. It was a truly epic and emotional wedding in Romania […]

Rural Photography in Romania
Photography Projects

Far from the Unleashed World – Inelet Village in Romania

A trip in Time visiting the Villages of Inelet and Scarisoara in Romania For the last two decades or so, while fearing the robot apocalypse, we have become unaware that it was already happening. The only difference is that we have transformed into robots and the world has become a shallower and sadder place than […]