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Photo Expedition in Parang Mountains

If wedding photography is a passion transformed into a business, travel and landscape photography will always be my first love. Limited free time during the wedding season does not allow me to travel as often and as long as I’d wish. But when the opportunity arrives for a free weekend, I do try to evade wherever and however I can. Although mountains and camping have captivated my imagination for many years, I didn’t have the opportunity to truly discover this unbelievable experience. The physical pain endured during the two days expedition in Parang Mountains was well worth it, as I got to photograph some unbelievable places. The glacial lakes of this Carpathian massif are truly a splendid sight that must be experienced live. It’s an idyllic sight and a proof of how beautiful nature is when human impact is minimal.

When wedding photography requires you to search for emotion and stories around you, in travel photography it’s important to search the soul of a place and to search within yourself, to give life to a destination and make people feel what you felt when seeing that place, to wish they were there. This photo expedition to Calcescu glacial lake in Parang Mountains in Romania started on the highest mountain road in Romania, the Transalpina, then followed the marked ridge hiking trail that connects the highest peaks. After about two hours, the trail forks and the northern option gets travelers above the glacial valley. After a dizzying descend through a ravine, we got to a succession of amazing lakes, some above others and linked by streams and waterfalls. Photo opportunities are everywhere you look, being surrounded by massive ridges, barren peaks, green lush meadows with colorful flowers, sheep herds passing through valleys and so much more…

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Silviu-Florin Salomia

Photographer at Studio Infinie
I work as a professional wedding photographer in Romania, shooting around 20 weddings each season. When time allows, I love to travel everywhere and anywhere, taking photographs and writing stories about my adventures along the way.
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