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Rainy Day Nature Photography 01

Rainy Day Nature Photography

Rainy days always have a special charm that can make a photograph have a unique atmosphere. While it is also a good time to sit and stare out the window at the world outside, it is also a perfect moment to search for unusual nature subjects. Rainy day nature photography is just a made up theme I created after chasing waterfalls up a wild valley in the mountains of Romania. I then realized how the wet ambiance gives these images a depth that cannot be found by other means. I always dreamed of being able to capture unknown little corners of nature, scenes that tell a story about a place and a moment. As the feeble rain continued to pour for the three hours we explored the mesmerizing valley, we discovered that the snow melting in the mountains had created stunning waterfalls.

These were flowing down old paths through the ridge forests and over mossy rocks, finally reaching the already raging river below. The unique spectacle can only be admired during the spring snow melt or during long rains. We were lucky to be visiting the area at probably the right time to create some nice rainy days nature photography moments. While it took some effort to get to some of the higher areas up the ridges, it was all worth the trouble, as we got to admire rare and unforgettable corners of nature. This valley is located in the north of Gorj County in Romania, although one could probably find similar fleeting waterfalls on other wild mountain valleys. The first signs of springs made for a touching discovery, as the earlier sunny days had withered away most of the snow.

Although not as important, the equipment I used include Nikon D810 with Nikon and Sigma lenses, a Manfrotto Befree Travel Tripod and a Hoya ND filter (I got the ND200 – 7 2/3 stops). Probably the most important piece is the filter, as it allows you to take long exposure photos during the day, perfect for a rainy day nature photography trip.

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