Tismana Monastery

The Marvelous Tismana Monastery in Romania

A place enveloped in a fascinating aura at the limit between spirituality and magic… Tismana Monastery evokes myths and legends that deeply resonate inside the traveler’s soul. Among tall pines and century old chestnut trees, above the crystal clear waters of Tismana river, the monastery is a true feast for the heart and the eyes. Like a fortress of spirituality, The white walls of Tismana monastery are surrounded by the splendid greatness of nature. The wooded crests of Valcan mountains are divided by the river, forming a cool valley that rises up into the mountains. A majestic peak overlooks to the east, while the monastery of Tismana itself rises on a cliff above the valley. Often in rainy times, a charming waterfall appears below the walls of the monastery and rages down into the river. Each season profoundly changes the scenery, surrounding Tismana monastery in countless colors that show the truly divine aspect of this place. Especially during spring and autumn, the valley becomes a blessed land.

The beginning of Tismana monastery is lost in the dark ages, tied to the name of Nicodimus, a traveling monk that established many monasteries in the area. Through time, the monastery passed through many changes, but has always been a famous travel and pilgrimage destination. It is considered the oldest (1377) and the most beautiful monastery in the region of Oltenia, in southwestern Romania. Tismana is a small town in Gorj county, spread over the hills right at the foot of the Carpathian mountains. The monastery can be found north of the town, following the river valley for about 4 kilometers. The complex is formed from various buildings, both outside and inside the walls, including the beautiful church adorned with stunning paintings, a religious museum and others. A hiking path that starts several km to the north ascends up the Cioclovina mountain, allowing visitors to discover two remote hermitages.


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