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Viewbug Review - Photography Contests and Community

Viewbug Review – Photography Contests and Community

Ever since I started pursuing my passion for photography, I have also started searching for places to show my work to the world. This is a great way to get valuable critique and learn from better photographers than myself. Lately, there has been a boom of websites that allow photographers to display their portfolio, share their work, enter competitions and be a part of a smaller or larger photography community. A big mistake I did in the beginning was to sign up everywhere and share almost everything I did, no matter the quality level. It is extremely important to use your time and money wisely, choosing where to share only your best works. Among the best websites that I have tried for a long time and still use today is 500px. It is certainly one of the biggest and most famous in the world. However, I only recently discovered a nice alternative to Seeing how well organized and popular it is, it’s a mystery how I overlooked it for such a long time. So no it is time for a Viewbug Review, the website that offers some amazing features worth exploring. First of all, it does not matter if you are an experienced photographer or a beginner, as it has something for everyone, including a nice and helpful community.

Viewbug Review – Photography Contests

The core of the Viewbug review is comprised of an astonishing number of photography contests. Practically there’s a new contest started almost daily, with various photography themes and subjects. The cool part is that there is also a good number of free to enter competitions, open for all registered users. These allow you to improve your skills and experience, achieving recognition and gathering inspiration. There are also more advanced contests with incredible prizes. These are only available to users who upgrade to paid accounts. They are a great resource for experienced photographers to test their skill on an international level. Prizes are different for each new contest, usually consisting in photography equipment, from cameras to lenses and accessories. There are usually thousands of amazing photographs submitted for each contest and only about three winners, the grand jury winner receiving the most valuable prize. Beyond the physical prizes, winners also receive increased exposure and recognition.

Viewbug Review – Accounts and Membership

Free Membership

Photographers can join for free and receive a lot of amazing features perfect for beginner or amateur photographers. Setting up an account is extremely simple, and once activated, you can begin to use it each day. You get to upload up to 10 photos each week and usually get to submit at least one photo to the free contests. Some of these contests also have great prizes and your images can also receive likes or peer awards from fellow photographers. These will appear on your profile, as well as points and badges you gather by being active. You can also follow her photographers and get followers, take part and post challenges, vote in contests and more stuff you find out by browsing the website.

Paid Memberships

Photographers have the option to upgrade the free membership to a paid one, with a range of useful and amazing new features. First of all, as a Premium or Pro user, you will get to take part in professional contests, only available to these members. You can also upload as many photographs as you like to your portfolio, get more contest entries to each contest, more exposure and many other cool features. The Premium account costs about 4 euros/month paid yearly or 5 euro/month if you pay monthly. The Pro account usually costs about 10 euros/month to upgrade,but there is a promotion for a limited time. It only costs 59 euros for a full year membership, meaning a discount of 50%. This level offers you 4 entries for each contest, maximum exposure, profile customization, custom watermarks, 15% discount off the Adobe Creative Cloud plan and much more. It’s truly an incredible offer that I also took advantage of.

Viewbug Review – Challenges and Community

There are many other things to do and look for on the website, a nice little segment being dedicated to challenges. These are photography themes created by the users, giving you the opportunity to get creative and receive instant feedback. Anyone can start a challenge and the winners are also chosen by the community, receiving point prizes. These points are a great way to offer users goals and achievements to pursue. You can get points for a wide range of actions on the website, from receiving likes to being social and so on. Badges are another way to celebrate milestones and important achievements. As you upload more photographs and get more involved, you will also get more followers, becoming a part of this special community. I especially liked the Peer Award feature, where other photographers give you special recognition for a particular photo, greatly improving the feedback function.

Other Features and Design

There are a lot of cool features and this Viewbug review is certainly just an introduction. There is a Learn section where you can read articles from other photographers and improve your knowledge in all kind of photography topics. There is even a beta feature that will offer you the possibility to launch a fully functional website with the portfolio on Viewbug, greatly increasing its use and importance. The website is pretty easy to use and friendly, although it could use a more modern interface. Feel free to comment your impressions about the website and if you like to join, you can use the links in this article!

Cover Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
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