Wedding Photography – New Beginnings

It’s the morning after the last day of Weddcamp! The second edition and the second time I attend this awesome event… This is also the best time to gather all thoughts and feelings from the last 3 days, participating in the biggest conference of wedding photography in Romania.

Meeting hundreds of passionate wedding photographers and listening to fascinating presentations from talented speakers have made a huge impact… One gets imbued with such positive energy and desire to keep doing what you love and get better and better that these alone are sufficient to make me want to come back year after year. But above this, I also got a lot of new ideas, plans to change and evolve, new visions about wedding photography and photography in general.

After days full of revelations and inspiration, I feel that I need to gather everything here to insure nothing is lost among other beautiful memories. Of these, maybe the strongest is the inciting party night together with amazing people and under the magical music of the one and only Vali Barbulescu. Going back to wedding photography and what I have gained from this experience, I realized that you have to be yourself in the photographs you make. We have to stop following trends and copying other successful photographers. We have to let go of trying to please everyone and choose to tell the story of a wedding through its moments in the way that only you can see and feel it… We have to try to put ourselves and our experiences into each photo we take and compatible people will surely understand what you are trying to express…

WeddCamp – The Eastern European Wedding Photographers Conference

During the first two days of Weddcamp, we attended a lot of interesting and original presentations. If the first day was mainly dedicated to Romanian speakers like Paulian Prajitura, Olga Vuscan, Vali Barbulescu, Ciprian Dumitrescu and Dragos Ludusan, the second day was reserved to international guests like Victor Lax and Pedro Etura, two of the most renowned and awarded wedding photographers in the world, the quirky and amazing Ivan Troyanovski, Chris & Verity Sansom from the United Kingdom, but also Fabio Mirulla, one of the best wedding photographers in Italy and one of my favorite people in this industry.

Fotografia de nunta la Weddcamp

If each has his own unique vision on wedding photography, some common ideas surfaced, at least for me. The first and most important thing is to be ourselves, to not try to imitate and copy, not to obey common conceptions. We have to show who we are through our photos, to continue to photograph outside of weekends, even if photography has turned from passion to business. The importance of personal projects and other passions besides photography has come up more than once in the speaker’s presentations.

I have also learned the importance of a strong and fearless selection of what we do and what we show others. The quality over quantity dogma must always come first and we should only show what we love doing and what we would like to continued doing. We must not always show the best photographs, but the best that suit our style and what we enjoy creating. Future couples must also be educated through what we do and show. They must sincerely and thoroughly enjoy each moment of their event, stop being organizers and perfect hosts.

Wedding Photography and the Importance of Location

Beauty can be found all around us!

Fabio Mirulla

I found myself best in the wedding photography of Fabio Mirulla, one of the most renowned Italian photographers of the last years. The joy and naturalness that emanate his pictures, the emotion and real moments captured in a unique manner have made me sign up for his workshop in the third day of the conference. With his unique style, energetic and joyful, Fabio told us about his life and passions, about wedding photography and how he sees this world. Coming from someone that lives and works in Tuscany, maybe the most famous wedding destination in the world, the phrase above may seem forced. After a full day of learning how he thinks and works, we understood how right he was!

Wedding photography is about people and emotion, less about locations and rules. One can take interesting and unique photos anywhere in the world, without always having to work with the magnificent landscapes of Tuscany. As long as you open your eyes and stop being controlled by preconceptions and limits. Another idea that Fabio Mirulla expressed is that we have to stop organizing the wedding day and just help the bride and groom enjoy their day. Each couple is different and photography should step inside the emotions stirred by this important day. As long as we focus on catching moments, location stop being as important!


A new beginning in wedding photography

To advance and progress, we must permanently learn and transform! The Weddcamp 2017 was for me the impulse I needed for a new change. One leaves such an experience with so many plans and ideas that you become conscious that some will be lost along the way. What is important to keep is the desire and determination to do things better, to go further no matter the obstacles.

It all goes from an idea that seems simple at first. In wedding photography, emotion and moment should come first, above anything else. The rest, including light and composition, central elements of photography, are only instruments to tell a story. Starting from here, each event is a story that unfolds, that we are privileged to observe and capture. But the story should happen apart from us, it must not be created or adjusted by the photographer in such manner that it becomes different. Of course, when other elements hinder its natural evolution, photographers could help overcome the obstacle. The couples are there to enjoy the day, trusting that their photographer will tell their story in a manner that depends on his talent, experience, vision and preferences. More about these though another time…



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