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Concert Photography - Concert photographer Romania

Concert Photography – Directia 5 in Romania

I ain’t and probably never be a concert attender, let alone a concert photographer… Nevertheless, from time to time, it is good to try new things, to push the boundaries and improve my photography skills through diversification. I figured it could only help my event photography experience, so I chose to try and capture the moments of a concert through the eyes of a simple fan among the crowd. The conditions could not be tougher during a cold December night with persistent rain. It helped a lot that I really loved the music, Directia 5 being one of the most famous in Romania and loved pop-rock bands in Romania, certainly among my favorites. The cold and rain did not take anything from the glow of the show, also marking the lighting of Christmas lights in my hometown of Targu Jiu. It might not be the best concert photography album, but I tried my best to capture the emotions of the artists during a live show in front of thousands of people.

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