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Destination Wedding in Germany - Destination Wedding Photographer Romania

Destination Wedding in Germany

Cristina & Patrick

International Wedding in Regensburg, Germany

We’ve been waiting for a destination wedding in Germany for a long time, ever since we thought we are good enough to take on any challenge. This was our first wedding photography project outside Romania and you can imagine the excitement and joy we felt leaving for Regensburg in May of 2018. But then again, we will not speak much about photography or weddings this time. More than a destination wedding in Germany, this is about friendship and the strong bonds one forms along a lifetime. Maybe the most beautiful time in life, at least for us, was high-school. Those four years that now seem so far away, yet so close to our heart. We shared the same classroom we Cristina, because this is her and Patrick’s story. The following years took us to different corners of the Earth, to get together about 15 years later for this unforgettable international wedding in Regensburg, Germany.

Our first destination wedding in Germany was everything we dreamed of and then some, with travel adventures, close friends and emotional moments. All these mixed in two or three days where we never felt that we were working. The hours and hours of driving seemed nothing against the pleasure of being together in such a happy day, experiencing different traditions and discovering new places. From the simple and elegant details to the chill and natural vibe, from the emotional church ceremony to the unbelievably warm party, we felt the true significance of this day. We just hope to have captured at least the essence of the bond between these two special people. This day was always about Cristina and Patrick, about their loved ones… These pictures will hopefully show you the proof that love knows no boundaries of distance, time, language, religion or nationality!

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