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Creative Wedding Photography in Romania - Silviu Salomia

Epic and Emotional Wedding in Romania

Luana & Cornel

Emotional wedding in Targu Jiu, Romania

Emotional weddings in Romania are pretty rare, at least the ones we usually attend. So we are blessed when we meet people that put more emphasis on being there rather than making it through the day. It was a truly epic and emotional wedding in Romania right from the start, even way before it happened. I met Luana and Cornel some weeks before the event and I knew right then it was going to be something special. I honestly never seen two people so passionate about getting married. They planned everything according to their own soul and style!

This wasn’t a usual wedding in Romania by any means. We had everything we dreamed of: a fun and relaxed couple, some tears and lots of laughs, an outdoor ceremony and a crazy party. While not all their plans went on perfectly, maybe it was for the best… Eventually, all their wishes came true and I had the pleasure of photographing an intense and emotional wedding in Romania. It was one of those events that even working is a pleasure. Everything started with the groom and bride getting ready. This were also probably the most emotional moments of the day!

These touching moments were followed by one of the most beautiful civil ceremonies. While usually held in a small, dark, public office, Luana and Cornel chose an outdoor lush garden. Anna Summer Events is among the most prestigious event locations in Targu Jiu and probably Romania. Their terrace was the perfect setting for this ceremony. It was also a superb photo location for our short afternoon session. This was followed by the religious ceremony with several more emotional wedding moments.

When we thought that nothing could impress us anymore, the party was truly epic. Carefully planned moments and an electric atmosphere made it a night to remember for all present. Luana and Cornel chose to include a perfect mix of their favorite music while lighting up the dance floor all night long. From their unique first dance to the ingenious bouquet toss… From the father-bride dance to the crazy groomsmen dance showoff, we can truly say that is was a legendary and emotional wedding in Romania!

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I work as a professional wedding photographer in Romania, shooting around 20 weddings each season. When time allows, I love to travel everywhere and anywhere, taking photographs and writing stories about my adventures along the way.
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