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My stories and thoughts...

Travel / Photography / Weddings

These are my stories and experiences, things I love and things I wish to do… I love to write although I’m not always inspired. Among the things I am most passionate about, you will find here travel experiences, photography projects and wedding stories.

Aerial Photography Romania - Tismana Monastery
Photography Projects

Winter Aerial Photography over Romanian Monasteries

There’s a different world from the height of the sky looking down… There is mystery and there is freedom when you leave everything behind or below and see things from a totally new perspective. Aerial photography is not something new new in the world, but it’s fairly new to me. The rules of photography change […]

Thasos Island in Greece
Photo by Anton Sulsky on Unsplash
Travel Experiences

Thasos – The Unforgettable Island with Nothing Special

Sitting quietly at the small wooden table of the Pefka Taverna in the Golden Beach resort of Thasos, we stare at each other, not knowing what to do next.  It is past 9 in the morning and the tavern right by the beach is completely empty. Even the two young waiters are still looking sleepy […]

Concert Photography - Concert photographer Romania
Photography Projects

Concert Photography – Directia 5 in Romania

I ain’t and probably never be a concert attender, let alone a concert photographer… Nevertheless, from time to time, it is good to try new things, to push the boundaries and improve my photography skills through diversification. I figured it could only help my event photography experience, so I chose to try and capture the […]

Photography Projects

Bucovina – Authentic Destination in Romania

A place is not beautiful through the primary visual impact that stirs in us, but rather through the powerful vibrations it incites inside of us. The story of place is told trough the emotions of the people the live there, through their the past memories and future hopes, trough the lingering emotions over those that […]

Photography Projects

Photo Expedition in Parang Mountains

If wedding photography is a passion transformed into a business, travel and landscape photography will always be my first love. Limited free time during the wedding season does not allow me to travel as often and as long as I’d wish. But when the opportunity arrives for a free weekend, I do try to evade […]