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Winter Photography Stories 2019

Winter Photography Stories of 2019

These are my winter photography stories of 2019 – part of my trips and experiences along the first two months of this year!

I don’t particularly like winter as a whole, but I do love to get out and explore. As most of the year is busy with events and editing, the first months of each year are also the ones I can truly wander around to search for the beauty around us. Unfortunately, as much as I love the mountains and the wilderness, winter is tough from a landscape photography point of view. It is difficult to reach the most beautiful and untouched places and I am not the most capable hiker in the world. This winter was truly special, as in only two months I was able to get out more than usual, capturing some images that I think show the true beauty of winter in Romania. These winter photography stories were taken during my trips in and around the Gorj county of Romania. I have been many times to most of these places, from the forest near my home where wild deer roam free, to the majestic peaks of the Carpathians. The key to capturing the soul of a place is to see it countless time until you understand it completely!

All of these winter photography stories of 2019 were taken with the Fujifilm X-T3 camera, the 50-140mm f/2.8 and the 16mm f/1.4 Fujinon lenses. Changing from my Nikon gear was easier and simpler than expected. I’ve come to simply love my new Fujifilm camera and these two lenses, although I’ve only used them for travel and landscape photography so far. Further in the year, after I fully explore their capabilities for event photography, maybe I will be able to write a little bit about my experience as a new Fujifilm user. I loved and will always love Nikon as my first photography connection, but the sheer weight and increasing costs of the equipment made me think about trying a new direction. Maybe I was right or maybe not, time will tell! Meanwhile, I am happy that I was able to follow my passion and create some nice stories!

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Silviu-Florin Salomia

Photographer at Studio Infinie
I work as a professional wedding photographer in Romania, shooting around 20 weddings each season. When time allows, I love to travel everywhere and anywhere, taking photographs and writing stories about my adventures along the way.
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